Moonshine updates more regularily on Tapas, Webtoon and Patreon!

This site updates at equal speed to the aforementioned sites whenever there’s a scene with heavy censorship going on. At other times, it updates more sporadically.

If you are reading this comic for free*, I would like to kindly ask you to also keep reading on either Tapas or Webtoon, and feel free to comment over there even when you read here during censored scenes. Keep the community alive, and keep the comic’s stats healthy to ensure I continue to have the funds required to keep updating as frequently as I do!

*Please do not feel pressured to support my Patreon if you don’t have the funds to do so or if you don’t have the desire to get the rewards that come with being a patron. I’ve chosen to make my comic mostly available for free because I want people to have access to art, culture and entertainment regardless of social class and origin. There are many ways you can help my content remain sufficiently funded without having to spend your own money!