Hi! If you’re here, that most likely means you’re interested in finding out how you can support me without having to spend any money. That’s great, and I appreciate it! I strive to keep my comics active and freely available like this, and as long as I maintain sufficient funding I can do that.

I’ve listed some ways you can support me and my comics for free below.

  • Keep reading on Tapas or Webtoon, even if you read here during censored parts of my comics. My site has no comments function, so feel free to chat about the episodes over on Tapas or Webtoon! Shout about what a moron Kim is, talk about those blazing hot abs Lucian has that the corporate overlords can’t handle! There’s a whole community of people ready to join you!
  • Like and comment on the episodes on Tapas and/or Webtoon!
    I get money based on views on Tapas and Webtoon, and interaction also helps me in the algorithm!
  • Read my other comics!
    If you enjoy one, you might like the others too! Look at the comic descriptions on my home page and see if any of them piques your interest.
  • Donate freely earned ink to me on my Tapas Support page, easily available from any episode I publish on Tapas!
  • Recommend my comics to friends who you think might like it!

Thank you ♥