Hi! If you’re here, that most likely means you’re interested in finding out how you can support me without having to spend any money. That’s great, and I appreciate it! I strive to keep my comics active and freely available like this, and as long as I maintain sufficient funding I can do that.

I’ve listed some ways you can support me and my comics for free below.

  • Read Crimson Tracks using freely earned ink.
    Download the Tapas app. Tap “More”. Tap “Free Ink”.
    This will take you to the tapas offerwall, where you can earn free ink that you can use to donate to creators on Tapas, or purchase Premium content!
    – 70% of Crimson Tracks is also available as Wait for Free, so if you feel the large episode amount is daunting to earn ink for, I suggest that you activate the Wait-for-Free clock on the app. This will give you one free episode a day until the cap is reached, at which point you can use your accumulated free ink to buy the rest!
  • Donate freely earned ink to me on my Tapas Support page, easily available from any episode I publish on Tapas!
  • Keep reading on Tapas or Webtoon, even if you read here during censored parts of my comics. My site has no comments function, so feel free to chat about the episodes over on Tapas or Webtoon! Shout about what a moron Kim is, talk about those blazing hot abs Lucian has that the corporate overlords can’t handle! There’s a whole community of people ready to join you!
  • Like and comment on the episodes on Tapas and/or Webtoon!
    I get money based on views on Tapas and Webtoon, and interaction also helps me in the algorithm!
  • Recommend the comic to friends who you think might like it!

On a separate but important note, I would also like to urge you to remain vigilant and politically aware. Be wary of misinformation, and double check any laws you hear being suggested that affect privacy, content moderation online, sex work, and – I hate to have to say this one, I truly do – children and their online presence as well as the content people “don’t want them to see”. Things that negatively impact privacy are often used to target minorities and freedom of speech related concerns, and the other talking points mentioned are commonly used to mask actions intended to harm minorities and further censor speech and content online. It almost always ends up targeting LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC people.
Protest laws that infringe on minorities’ rights. Protest acts that exist to control people’s consensual intimacy. Call your political representatives whenever a legal act to harm us is being considered. Inform people around you.
Don’t assume that the worst can’t happen. This site wouldn’t need to exist if acts that infringe on our rights hadn’t already been implemented. My content no longer exists under the same circumstances on the big webcomic sites as cishet and het targeted content does, that is very clear to tell by the inequality in moderation strictness.

Your vote and awareness matters to the continued existence of LGBTQIA+ content online. You matter.

Thank you ♥