★ Unapologetically queer supernatural comics! ★

Written and illustrated by a bat obsessed cat dad.


Kim became a vampire after sleeping with a guy he met at a bar. Now he has to deal with it.

Moonshine started as a gothic wishfulfilment comic about queer vampires in 2018. Since then, the story has taken many turns, but Kim and Lucian’s relationship is still going strong!

Moonshine is available on Tapas, Webtoon, Patreon, in print – and now also here on this website.

The fully uncensored version remains exclusive to Patreon and the printed books, however if you wish to read it for free and untouched by bad apples, you’ve come to the right place!

Read Moonshine here.

Crimson Tracks

Crimson Tracks is a webcomic that was launched in 2017. Sitting at 180+ episodes and still counting, it’s a complex tale of learning to love and live again, personal and emotional intrigues, and time travel. Marcel and Sylva may have time on their side, but when you’re battling fate and death itself all while a mysterious killer is running loose in town, you’ll need every advantage you can get.

Crimson Tracks is a Tapas exclusive Premium comic, however you can still read it for free! 70% of it can be read by simply activating the wait-for-free function on the app. This will give you one episode a day, no additional effort required! As for the remaining 30% (or if you want to read it faster), you can unlock them using Tapas Ink. Ink can be purchased if you prefer, but you can also get it for free! Here’s how:
Download the Tapas app. Tap “More”. Tap “Free Ink”.
This will take you to the tapas offerwall, where you can earn free ink!
Tapas Ink becomes real money for the creator it’s sent to, so you’re also supporting the continued production of the comic!

You can read Crimson Tracks here, or find it by searching for it on the Tapas App.

[TW for this series: Blood, violence, implied sexual assault (not the main ship), abusive relationships (not the main ship), brief mentions and displays of potentially triggering behavior (homophobia, transphobia, racism), suicide (mainly the first 30 episodes. The characters grow, learn and obtain a life they feel is worth living and fighting for as the story goes on).]


A tired medium and an excitable ghost with amnesia cross paths, changing each other’s lives forever.

Discarnate is a shorter project that was launched in 2018, with 12 chapters planned. A couple pages are Patreon exclusive, but the rest are available on Tapas and on Webtoon.

Discarnate is not currently on this site, partly due to its long scroll format and partly because it has not yet been impacted by censorship on other sites. If the latter occurs, rest assured it will be available here!

Read Discarnate here.

What’s next…

As Discarnate nears its conclusion, I am continuously working to prepare my next project. It’s a concept surrounding angels and demons, with a bit of a nature-spiritualistic / pagan touch, and it will be released in full color.

My lovely patrons will be the first to see this comic, and will have early access as well as partial-exclusive access to certain scenes (with the printed volumes of course being complete and uncensored, too – however with it being a full color comic, Patreon will be a much cheaper option!)

Sneak peeks of character designs in progress are already available on Patreon!