Every now and then I get questions about commissions. Availability depends on how busy I am with other projects, but when I’m available the pricing and terms are as follows:


Prices are in swedish kronor (SEK).
1 USD ≈ 10 SEK
You can pay with Paypal, or the payment methods offered in my online shop.

Small chibi portrait: 700kr
Bust: 900kr
Half body: 1100kr
Full body: 1500kr

Small chibi portrait: 300kr
Bust: 500kr
Half body: 700kr
Full body: 900kr

Extra characters: +50% of base price.
Pricing example for a full colour half body couple commission:
1100+(1100/2) = 1100+550= 1650kr

Commercial use*: 50% upcharge
Other add-ons: Priced on a case by case basis.
Complicated poses, armor, heavily detailed clothing etc cost extra.

*Please read about my limits on commercial use commissions in the “things I will not draw” list below.


  • Payment in full is required upfront.
    My comics are my primary source of income. I need full guarantee that any time I spend drawing commissions instead will be compensated.
  • Simple background (gradient or simple pattern) is included in the price.
    Complicated backgrounds cost more, price varies depending on background type and details.
  • All commissions are digital.
    If you want a printed version of your commission (A4 maximum), I can print and mail it to you – but this service is not included in the prices stated in the pricing information.
  • Unfortunately I’ve had to create a rule that limits revisions.
    This rule will be irrelevant for most customers, as the majority of customers have reasonable revision requests and expectations. At the end of the day, I want you to be happy with the result, so it’s unlikely I’ll use this rule at all – but it exists to protect me and other customers because I want them to be happy with my services too.

    The rule goes as follows:
    – Two revisions are included in the price.
    – Unreasonable revisions (like demanding a larger resolution all of a sudden at the lineart stage or later, or wanting massive changes to the entire structure of the image at any point other than the sketch stage) are not granted. If your revision takes about as much time to do as a whole new commission, it counts as a new commission.
    – If I made an obvious error, like for example giving your character a different eye color than you requested, fixing that doesn’t count as a revision. It’s a correction of a mistake I made.

    The rule exists to protect both me and other customers against abuse and delays caused by entitled customers. These customers are very rare, but extremely disruptive. If I get stuck changing a tiny detail back and forth because one customer doesn’t know what they want, or putting hours of extra labor into changes that could have taken 5 seconds to sort out if mentioned at the sketch stage, that will impact how long other customers have to wait for their commissions to be finished. It also impacts my comics (which are my main job), causes risk of repetitive strain injury and causes financial stress since it eats up time that should be going towards projects that actually pay the bills and customers that actually respect my time.

    Because of this, if a customer’s behavior calls for me to refer to this rule, any revisions beyond the two that are included will come with a fee. Excessive revision demands will also lead to that customer’s commission being deprioritized, meaning other customers’ commissions will be handled before their revisions. This is to ensure that other customers get the service level they paid for.

Things I will draw:

  • Your DnD character (as long as they are relatively humanoid/based on human anatomy)
  • Your album cover or promotional image for your upcoming live event.
  • Your OC
  • NSFW scenes involving your OCs (as long as they are consenting adults)
  • If there’s a specific thing you can’t get enough of from Moonshine and you want to see it in colour, you can of course commission me for this too. You choose whether you’re fine with me sharing it with other fans or if you wanna keep it to yourself!
  • Some kinks (like bondage, leather, similar things)
  • I will gladly draw queer things!

Things I might draw:

  • Anything for commercial use is decided on a case by case basis. I’m at a point in my career where my art is recognized and associated with my writing. Any project I participate in other than my own needs to be constructed in a way where people will not think I’ve created anything other than the art, and thus have no responsibility over anything else in that project, nor will any of the the project owner’s future actions be assumed to be my actions. Basically, I do not want to cause any mistaken identity issues.

Things I will not draw:

  • Novel covers and comics that represent someone else’s writing. I’ve made these in the past (and the people who paid me to do so of course keep their rights to use the art I made for them) but people associate my art with my writing so much now that I want to be careful with any writing that I link my art to going forward.
  • Anything I feel I don’t have the right artistic experience to handle.
  • Mpreg and omegaverse. Anything that gives me dysphoria is off the table.
  • Furry stuff. I don’t judge, I’m just bad at drawing animals. Small things like animal ears on an otherwise humanoid character is okay!
  • Any of those fetishes that traumatized every art kid of my generation when they made the mistake of sorting by recent uploads on deviantART.
  • Anything non consensual or where the character is too young to consent.

If you want to commission me, email me at lordvincentofficial@hotmail.com.