2022-12-20 Update: Books are currently unavailable.

Unfortunately, after nearly 5 years of selling my books via Lulu’s publishing platform, they’ve decided to terminate my account and remove Moonshine from their site for “inappropriate content”.

I’m looking into options for where to go next, however it seems the safest route from here will be to open an online shop and handle the shipping and handling myself going forward.
The problem with this is, that opening an online shop and handling new things and routines within my business will require a lot of research, investments into stock, and a financially secure base in order to be able to offer a good and speedy delivery for customers. If this had happened any other year, I may have been able to get a shop up quicker, but right now I’m waiting for my legal sex to be corrected, and when that happens I’ll be living without digital identification and barred from many payment methods until my new ID is issued. This can be anywhere between 1 week to 3 months based on tales I’ve heard from other trans people. During this time, I would most likely be unable to ship product, and I can’t invest in a stock of books prior to this since I need to put said money towards an early bulk payment of rent and taxes to avoid issues in that regard during the time I’m unable to pay bills normally.

Because of all this, it may take until late 2023 before you see my printed books available online again. I’m sorry about this. If any circumstances change or if I find a solution that makes it possible for me to launch my shop earlier, I’ll do my best to do so, but I can’t make any promises.

If you go to conventions in Sweden, you might be able to catch a book there! I’ll have a small amount printed to sell there 🙂 My next confirmed stop is GothCon 2023 in Gothenburg. If any more cons are added to the list, I’ll mention it when the time comes.